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Moving Tips

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Have you ever wondered why moving rates are so expensive in the summer? You can chalk this up simply to supply and demand. The summer is an ideal time to move for many people; warmer weather, end of the school year, taking advantage of the spring real estate market etc… but this also means more people tend to move during this time.


Below you will find our top three tips for making your summer move easy and more cost effective:


  1. Book in advance. We frequently get calls from customers just days before their move date looking to acquire our services. If the schedule is full, it may result in renting a truck, doing your move over two days, or even having to deny you service. You might even end up getting a moving company that charges astronomical prices only in the last few days of the month and lose the ability to shop around. We highly recommend booking your move 2-3 months in advance if possible.


  1. Move in the middle of the month. The last weekend of the month will be the busiest for any moving company. You could find yourself up against rigid scheduling, maximum rate charges, paying for more time than your move takes (hourly minimums), truck rental fees, and other charges. If you have a smaller move, avoid moving at this peak time to avoid paying more than you must. regardless of your move size, consider this tip when negotiating the closing date when buying or selling a home.


  1. Get an in-home estimate. This is key to being able to keep your move within budget. It is easy to underestimate how many boxes you might end up with when looking at an unpacked house, to forget the refrigerator in the garage, or not consider the five-minute walk from a condo unit to the loading bay. Without being able to see all your stuff, a moving company might accidentally under-quote you.


We are always willing to work with our clients as much as possible to ensure both a cost-effective and stress-free move. If you are planning on moving this summer, give us a call for an estimate using our guaranteed pricing strategy and know what to expect before securing your move date.



Your trusted friends at New Era.

September 26, 2022Blog