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We believe you should know the cost of your move in advance.  Because we are confident in our services, we are able to provide you with an all-inclusive, guaranteed price*.  You deserve to have peace of mind on moving day.

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Professional Packing

If you don’t have the time, or simply don’t know where to start and need help packing for your move, New Era Moving provides professional and efficient packing services.  Along with the great care taken in packing each item in your home safely, our packing team is fully insured for your peace of mind. Our packing professional will survey your home and provide you with an assessment based on your budget and personal needs. We provide the supplies required and have your home packed and prepared in time for your scheduled move.

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Residential Moving Services

Moving is a time to celebrate.  Celebrate all the wonderful times you had and those ahead.  Allow us to be a part of that celebration with you.  Throughout the process, you’ll have the pleasure of getting to know your move coordinator who will guide you through from start to finish, answer all your questions and help to resolve hurdles.  Your moving team, made up of the friendliest and most experienced movers, will protect your home and furniture during your move.  The positive atmosphere they create is nothing like you were expecting and before you know it, you’re sipping a glass of wine on your sofa just taking in your new home.

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Commercial Moving

Moving your office can be time consuming. New Era Moving works hard to get you moved into your new office seamlessly and with little to no downtime. Our qualified and capable team work side by side with you to strategically plan your office move. We have experience disassembling and assembling office dividers, desks and all other office furniture to ensure a hassle free transition. Ensuring an easy transition for your business, that’s our business.

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