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Home Moving

new era moving's branded moving truck standing in front of a residential property.

 Two Months Before Moving

  • Book your moving company. See 8 Steps to Choosing Your Mover
  • Sort and de-clutter your; closets, garage, kitchen, bathroom cabinets, basement etc.
  • Donate/sell items you no longer want or need
  • Gather packing supplies, if not hiring professional packers. See our Packing Supply Survival Kit
  • Gather important documents and records into one safe, accessible place
  • Begin planning layout and placement of furniture in your new home

One Month Before Moving

  • Begin packing less frequently used items; off season clothing, decorations, items in storage from garage, basement, attic, closets. Tip: Label boxes appropriately with contents
  • Send items to cleaners: rugs, drapery, bedding, quilts etc.
  • Back up important documents, desktops, hard drives, pictures to an external drive or cloud

Two Weeks Before Moving

  • Contact utility companies to notify them of move and set a date to cut off service in old residence and set up activation in new residence. (gas, electric, water, water, cable, internet, phone service, subscriptions, lawn care services)
  • Notify bank of new address – check to see if address changes can be done by phone or online with your bank.
  • Continue packing items from around your home
  • Arrange to be off work for moving day
  • Schedule a pet spa for your pets for move day

One Week Before Moving

  • Set up mail forwarding with Canada Post if desired (this is a service with a fee)
  • Pack an essentials box (see How To Pack an Essentials Box)
  • Finish packing all boxes, minus what you’ll need for the final week
  • Change your address with;

The Day Before Moving

  • Ensure all boxes are sealed and labeled correctly
  • No loose items left in the home
  • All cabinets, closets, dressers etc are empty
  • Empty, defrost and clean refrigerator; clean the stove.
  • Confirm movers

Moving Day

  • Ensure there is clear access for the truck to park at the nearest entryway to your home before movers arrive
  • In the winter: shovel and salt the driveways, walkways, stairways, entryways before movers arrive
  • Before leaving your home do a final walk through, ensure the premises are empty and clean
  • How movers where to place items In home (provide your layout)
  • Before the truck leaves the premises at your new home, do a walk through to ensure placement of all furniture, and check the truck is empty.
  • Make sure to have your method of payment on hand for movers
  • Don’t forger to tip your movers
  • Unpack valuable and most important items upon arrival
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