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Residential Moving

Make your move as stress free as possible and hire the guys that will get the job done right. From packing to un-packing, you can be assured of on time delivery, competitive pricing, safe handling and efficient, courteous service. We make ourselves available whenever you have questions or concerns. Nothing is more important than family and home- so we treat yours like ours.

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash
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Commercial Moving

Moving your office can be time consuming. New Era Moving works hard to get you moved into your new office seamlessly and with little to no downtime. Our qualified and capable team work side by side with you to strategically plan your office move. We have experience disassembling and assembling office dividers, desks and all other office furniture to ensure a hassle free transition. Ensuring an easy transition for your business, that’s our business.

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Local and Long Distance Moving

Whether you are moving on the same street, across the border or anywhere in between, New Era Moving goes the distance to make your experience easy and stress free. We are equipped with the highest quality gear and trucks to accommodate your move no matter what the size. Our workers are highly trained and experienced, and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your belongings arrive promptly and safely to your new destination.

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Specialized Senior Moving Assistance

At New Era Moving we are dedicated to making every move a stress free experience. However when working with seniors, we take our commitment to top-notch customer service to even greater heights. We have a specially trained staff that work primarily with seniors and have a strong focus on customer service. Our team work patiently and diligently with our customers to ensure their comfort, well-being and satisfaction are always a top priority. Our full service team is always ready to help with de-cluttering, organizing, and packing, moving and unpacking helping to make the transition and change easy and convenient.

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Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

You can count on your New Era Moving Team for just about anything, and disassembling and reassembling any of the items you need moved is no exception! Our team always arrives fully equipped with the necessary tools and know-how to ensure your move goes down without a hitch.


Sell and Deliver Packing Essentials

So you’ve decided to take on the task of packing up house for your big day but don’t have time or the ability to go out and purchase all your moving supplies. When you book your move with New Era Moving we will deliver them straight to your door for you, prior to your move. How convenient is that?

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Personalized Moving Plans

Whatever your age or stage of life, at New Era Moving we work hard to accommodate the needs of each customer in a very personal way. We create a strategic plan with you so you feel organized and confident, helping to alleviate the stress of moving day. We taking time and care to place things where you would like them in your new home so you are left feeling the job is really done. When working with our customers we strive to accommodate the scheduling needs, family situations, budget etc of each individual.

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Professional Piano Moving

New Era Moving provides access to some of the cities best piano movers. Specially trained to move only pianos, there is not a piano they haven’t seen or moved. You can feel confident that when you hire us to move your whole home, or just your piano, you will be getting top quality service from the best in the industry.

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Full Service Packing

If you don’t have the time, or simply don’t know where to start and need help packing for your move, New Era Moving provides professional and efficient packing services and all of our packers are affiliated with the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC). Along with the great care taken in packing each item in your home safely, our packing team is fully insured for your peace of mind. Our packing professional will survey your home and provide you with an assessment based on your budget and personal needs. We provide the supplies required and have your home packed and prepared in time for your scheduled move.

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